Download New DropIt 5.1

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DropIt adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk Pindah, Salin, Compress, Extract, Ubah nama, Hapus, Open With, Upload, Kirim oleh Mail, Buat Daftar, Buat Playlist, Create Shortcut, Copy to Clipboard, Perubahan properties, Abaikan. Aplikasi ini membantu anda untuk mengatur sebuah file, DropIt dapat menghilangkan banyak kerepotan mencari dan membuka folder secara manual dan memindahkan file.
Yang Baru dari DropIt :

· improved interface and context menu
· improved method to store associations (now only association names have to be unique)
· improved progress bar with Create List action
· improved upgrade performance
· added hyperlinks to the PDF Guide
· added link to download more target images in Customize Profiles window
· added option to decide the order to process file groups
· added support to filter files in a size/date range (Additional Filters)
· added support to filter folders by file content of included files (Additional Filters)
· added support to filter folders by included files/folders (Additional Filters)
· fixed “always on top” option
· fixed bug creating encrypted archives
· fixed bug with SendTo and multiple instances features
· fixed bug with some commandline features
· fixed date format in lists (to fix sorting in HTML files)
· fixed several minor bugs

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Release Date:
Windows XP/Vista/7

Download Mirrors

External Mirror 1 – x86

External Mirror 2 – x64


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