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EMDB adalah sebuah software kecil yang akan mencari koleksi DVD anda yang terdapat di disk. EMDB juga memiliki fitur yang dapat meng-impor otomatis dari database IMD, Bekspor ke csv, teks atau situs web lengkap, preview thumbnail penutup, pelacak pinjaman, fungsi pencarian dan antarmuka pengguna multi-bahasa. EMDB ini dibuat dengan menggunakan bahasa C++ menggunakan Microsoft Visual Studio. Bagi anda yang menyukai menonton filem dari DVD software ini akan memudahkan anda untuk mencari koleksi DVD anda.

Yang Baru dari EMDB :
· TV Series: Fixed some series were not found although they are listed on TheTVDB. For these series the TVDB does not contain the imdb number which is used to query the database. If this fails an attempt to resolve the series using its title is now performed.
· TV Series: Added Update feature to update without loosing associations with media files.
· TV Series: Added single season support.
· TV Series: Preferred language to retrieve data in is now remembered.
· TV Series: EMDB now uses the series Poster as season Poster if the season Poster is not present.
· TV Series: EMDB now uses the series Poster as general thumbnail if it was not already set (e.g. when imdb has no thumbnail image for the series).
· User Interface: Fixed Details button was not updated in the Add/Edit screen when using Previous/Next.
· User Interface: Added filters for Physical media (disks) and Media files.
· Translations: Updated the Catalan, Finnish, French, Greek, Persian, Spanish, Turkish and Dutch translations.

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Release Date:
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

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