Download New Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.12 r84980

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VirtualBox adalah aplikasi virtualizer yang digunakan untuk mencoba System Operasi. VirtualBox juga dilengkapi dengan dukungan hardware, sehingga anda dapat membuat mesin virtual yang sesuai dengan System Operasi yang akan anda coba. Oracle VM VirtualBox mudah digunakan untuk pemula sekalipun. VirtualBox telah merilis versi terbarunya dengan beberapa perbaikan.
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Yang Baru dari VirtualBox :

· VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation on putting Linux guest CPU online if nested paging is disabled
· VMM: invalidate TLB entries even for non-present pages
· GUI: Multi-screen support: fixed a crash on visual-mode change
· GUI: Multi-screen support: disabled guest-screens should now remain disabled on visualmode change
· GUI: Multi-screen support: handle host/guest screen plugging/unplugging in different
· visual-modes
· GUI: Multi-screen support: seamless mode: fixed a bug when empty seamless screens were represented by fullscreen windows
· GUI: VM manager: vertical scroll-bars should be now updated on content/window resize
· GUI: VM settings: fixed crash on machine state-change event
· GUI: don’t show warnings about enabled or disabled mouse integration if the VM was
· restored from a saved state
· Virtio-net: properly announce that the guest has to handle partial TCP checksums
· Storage: Fixed incorrect alignment of VDI images causing disk size changes when using
· snapshots
· Audio: fixed broken ALSA & PulseAudio on some Linux hosts due to invalid symbol resolution
· PS/2 keyboard: re-apply keyboard repeat delay and rate after a VM was restored from a saved state
· BIOS: updated DMI processor information table (type 4): corrected L1 & L2 cache table
· handles
· VBoxManage: don’t stay paused after a snapshot was created and the VM was running
· before
· VBoxManage: introduced controlvm nicpromisc
· VBoxManage: don’t crash on controlvm guestmemoryballoon of the VM isn’t running
· VBoxHeadless: don’t filter guest property events as this would affect all clients
· Guest control: prevent double CR in the output generated by guest commands and do NLS conversion
· Windows Additions: Support for multimonitor. Dynamic enable/disable of secondary virtual monitors. Support for XPDM/WDDM based guests

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Release Date:
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

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