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DropIt adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk Pindah, Salin, Compress, Extract, Ubah nama, Hapus, Open With, Upload, Kirim oleh Mail, Buat Daftar, Buat Playlist, Create Shortcut, Copy to Clipboard, Perubahan properties, Abaikan. Aplikasi ini membantu anda untuk mengatur sebuah file, DropIt dapat menghilangkan banyak kerepotan mencari dan membuka folder secara manual dan memindahkan file.


Yang Baru dari DropIt :

– now relative paths in destination are always relative to each loaded file
– improved “Compress” action to merge items added to existent archives
– improved main context menu and Options window
– improved performance of various actions
– improved process loading all dropped files at the beginning
– improved support to “Import” profiles (from Customize context menu)
– added %Counter% abbreviation (to add file enumeration)
– added %UserInput% abbreviation (to type a custom input during process)
– added “Duplicate” button in associations context menu
– added context menu to the list of loaded items to get “Info” and to “Skip” them
– added highlight of filtered text in html lists (thanks to tpr)
– added list of loaded items in Processing window
– added option to close progress window when process is complete
– added option to process folders as files (instead of scan them if not associated)
– added option to show progress window for monitored folders (disabled by default)
– added option to start the process after loading
– added profile option to decide if integrate it in SendTo menu
– added some Info and Media abbreviations
– added some target images – added support to create PDF and XLS lists
– added support to define a minimum size to scan only bigger monitored folders
– added support to “Export” profiles (from Customize context menu)
– added support to use a different html theme for each “Create List” association
– added support to use file and folder associations together (folders are scanned if not associated)
– removed “Check moved/copied files integrity” option (not needed anymore)
– removed “Enable associations for folders” option (not needed anymore)
– fixed crash if “Select Action” window is shown for a file loaded from SendTo menu
– fixed minor bugs in “Extract” and “Upload” actions
– fixed several minor bugs

Click here to download


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