Download New Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.8 r83876

Virtual Box 4logo

Oracle VM VirtualBox adalah aplikasi virtualizer yang digunakan untuk mencoba System Operasi Seperti Windows, Linux, dan Mac OS X sebelum di instal. Oracle VM VirtualBox dapat di gunakan sebagai media pemblajaran untuk bagaimana cara menginstal System Operasi.

Oracle VM VirtualBox juga dilengkapi dengan dukungan hardware, sehingga anda dapat membuat mesin virtual yang sesuai dengan System Operasi yang akan anda coba. Oracle VM VirtualBox mudah digunakan untuk pemula sekalipun.

Fitur Baru :

· VMM: fixed guest crash with huge amount of guest RAM on VT-x hosts
· GUI: not all the translation tags were taken into account during the language switch
· GUI: take-guest-screenshot dialog sometimes had no keyboard input available on Windows host
· Main/Machine: fix generation of spurious event for inaccessible VMs which triggered an endless event generation loop in cooperation with the GUI which became unresponsive
· Main/Display: fix for an access violation under certain conditions in multi-monitor configurations
· Main/Metrics: network metrics are now collected for active (up) interfaces only, the state of an interface being evaluated when the associated metric is enabled via setupMetrics
· Snapshots: reduce the time for merging snapshots under certain conditions
· ?Storage: fixed data corruption after resizing a VDI image under certain circumstances
· Storage: fixed non working online merging of snapshots
· Storage: fixed crash when connecting to certain QNAP iSCSI targets
· S?torage: fixed incompatibility of VHD differencing images with Hyper-V
· Bridged Networking: fixed TCP pseudo header checksum computation for IPv6
· 3D support: fix Battlefield 1942 game crashes
· Settings: really sanitise the name of VM folders and settings file, the code was disabled before
· Settings: allow to change VRDE settings for saved VMs
· VBoxManage: don’t crash during screenshotpng if there is no display
· VM startup when CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING is enabled
· Guest Additions: don’t block signals for processes executed via guest control
· Guest Additions: fixed a small memory leak in VBoxService
· Windows Additions: fixed shared folder issue with large reads/writes on 64 bit Windows guests



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