Download New AIMP 3.50 Build 1236 Beta 2


AIMP adalah aplikasi audio player, pemutar musik sederhana yang dapat memutar banyak file audio seperti OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV dan banyak lagi. AIMP juga di lengkapi audio converter, perekam audio, audio ripper, dan editor tag.

AIMP merupakan media player lengkap dan user-friendly (mudah digunakan) yang menawarkan suara sejernih kristal, equalizer sensitif dan banyak pilihan lain tanpa menggunakan semua sumber daya sistem Anda.

Fitur Baru :

· Audio Converter: Tags are now stored to WMA and WavPack formats via AIMP tags engine
· Audio Converter: Only common information about the tracks is now stored to the file tags during “All-to-one file” encoding mode
· Player: Response time of the window in “desktop toolbar” mode during Adding files via drag-n-drop operation has been decreased
· Player: Playlists reading speed has been increased by 25%
· Skin Engine: Compatibility with old skins has been improved
· Skin Engine: Rendering speed has been increased due caching of the background elements
· Fixed: Installer doesn’t create shortcuts under Windows 8
· Fixed: Installer – update mode doesn’t work
· Fixed: Simple Scheduler – the state of “shutdown the computer” option isn’t stored
· Fixed: Player – few folders without spaces in the names cannot be added to the player via command line
· Fixed: Player – the plug-ins table jumps to beginning after any plug-in is unloaded
· Fixed: The tag editor stores two copies of cover art to the file in FLAC format
· Fixed: Skin Engine – information in QFI isn’t refreshed in some cases
· Fixed: Skin Engine – maximized window reduces its size after AIMP restart
· Fixed: Playlists Managing – preview for few selected playlists doesn’t work correctly
· Fixed: Audio Library – all tracks from set are added to the audio converter regardless of which of them were selected



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